Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New love

You took my breath away
 With our heads on the pillow
 Our minds on nothing but us
  And you told me
      I love you
We met on a hot and rainy day in July
 I thought you were beautiful
 You thought I was a dork
  But I made you smile, even so
When I talked to you I stuttered and spit
 You cringed and laughed
  After that….
You answered your phone when I called
You let me buy dinners
You let my supply you drinks
You let me kiss you that first night
  ….. and … .
You found my heart without even looking
I saw a sparkle in your eye, when you smile
 When you laugh
 When you looked at me
I saw us together for a long time
  Even before dessert
I couldn’t sleep that night
 Just thinking of that kiss until the next
  … then …..
Maybe my appeal
Maybe our chemistry
Maybe too many drinks
  …. Or ….
Maybe because there was love before it was made
  We made love
Those words, weren't spoken
 With everything I could show
  Everything I could feel
  I ‘told’ you I loved you
   … and …
 You told me you loved me too
Even though
  We only smiled
 And held each other all night
  And into the day
   … and …
Before you could finish your words
Before you could think too much about what you said
 I gathered up enough breath to say
  From the bottom of my heart
  From every corner of my mind
  For the rest of my life
I love you too!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Because I hurt
 And no one cares
  I hurt
 Careless stares
  Of tearless eyes
  Cast on woeful
   Pity banes all
    Thats hurts
  I hurt
The talking heads
 The ones that should
Loving those
 Dont love me
Caring for those
   Care for me
Clear the fog from the mirror
Let settle the dust
 Pale, sickly
   Ever present and forever
I hurt
I always hurt

Monday, July 26, 2010


It wasn't just a shooting star
 or a wish upon far
  hand in hand
 a summers night
  we stand
We fell in love
 so long ago
We've fought those words
 that would tell us so
 they say, its' fools that rush in
 and wish upon a star
Still, and blissfully so
 we stand upon this hill
  at least one heart has swelled
  so filled with you
Like a child on Christmas morn
 for that simple silly wish
"I love you", we kiss and melt, here
 wishes do come true

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When I dream of you

When it were upon a simple dream
 behind closed eye
  and dark does rein
  minds meant to idle
 blind the day afore
Yet to dream
 far and away
 be clear, more lucid
  break way the web thought brings
  reach from the dark
   and cold
  just a sparkle guides me
  fragile lace and babys breath
  sweet gentle breeze
   aroma of rose and lavender
   and the softest touch
  our lips press
  our embrace tightens
 one more shared breath
Stay to wimper
 yearn whisper
  leave to days break
 night lorn, torn
Eyes open
 and the dream is gone
  once more

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fallen Angel

Were it upon humbled knee
Nor to be head slung low
  Where once brilliance
    And wonder so brightly laid
   Upon those shoulders
    And sewn into lace
     Worn to wad of cloth
    stained of pitch and age
The fallen
  This far from grace
  Because of will
   Of man
  This angels quest beseached
Not tear from eye
Is cried
  But moan and crush
   One once true will
  And tarnish stay
  Upon halo so loosely dangled
   from vanquished fingertip
Her charge
 nay, all men
  a young man, so frail
   be it just foolish
  denied all she offered
A loosened wing feather
 blemish upon perfect skin
  for all denials
  ten fold her failure
Upon the world
 the world upon him
The fallen
 can do no more
  strength, is no more
 this young man
  now must travel
   face the great, wondrous, evil
    travels of life
   with now, no more
   than his bare hide
   between him and it all

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Taken to the air
Many fell bats
  Of wings and prayer
The heavens beckon
  Still the world contains
  No matter the beauty
   Or freedom deserved
   And these wings so frantic
    For flight
A flutter
And airs dance
Should the skies bring rain
To the wing
   The water clings
From the space of not
To the time below
The wind is harsh
And the wing must surrender
Even at a last attempt
   Of flutter
Upon a dampen leaf
Tendril legs stand
Even as in air
As here
   Beauty sings
   For all to hear
Then to fly
The butterfly

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blue eyes

The softest blue eyes
 peering from behind a single ringlette
 framed by a moistened eye
 then tears to drop and run
  across the smoothest rosy cheek
  stopping, just briefly
 just near
 the pretties smile
 This racing heart
 and wanting eyes have ever seen
Because words carry more weight than actions
Because I never wanted to say the wrong things
 or the right
 too soon
Because I love you so much
 "I love you" had found it's way from that corner of
  my mind
  the corner no one knew existed
  until I to you
  words, I love you, echoed
 a very short air space
 to your ears, and
Your smile, so pretty and warming
 and eyes, those eyes
 that so easily have seen through me
  soft and blue, you, and
 Your embrace, or more;
  our embrace and
 through just as much space and air
  "I love you too"
  . . . I love you too